6 Month Immersion Program

A journey to explore the culture of Mexico and the Spanish language on your way to an ILR 3 in Spanish Reading and Spanish Speaking.


Most Fridays are days of “linguistic excursions”; meaning that we will be putting into action (manos a la obra) what you have learned in class during the week. Some examples of these excursions include market visits, museum visits, Amazing Race-like scavenger hunts and guided tours. The central focus of each of the excursions is to engage with native speakers.


Let Mexico City be your teacher. A large part of success in this program depends on in-depth cultural observation and reflection.


We have invited several guest speakers to join us throughout the six months of the immersion program. They will address domestic and international issues from their respective fields of expertise. Many of the speakers currently work as academics and/or researchers in the country’s most prestigious universities.