Language Spanish Experience


2 weeks, 35.5 hours in total


  • This accounts for a total of 13.5 hours of Spanish lessons and 22 hours of class trips
  • Private lessons
  • Access to our private Moodle platform (only Beginners)
  • Access to our learning material
  • In-situ linguistic activities
  • Linguistic mini-project
  • Tickets and Transportation included
  • Completion Letter


-Trips to:


  • Historic Downtown
  • Rally
  • Anthropology Museum
  • Cuban Revolution Tour
  • Roma and Condesa neighbourhoods tour
  • Chapultepec Castle and Los Pinos


Pricing: $ 39, 964 MXN per student (VAT included).


Please, if you would like to take the Language Experience, follow the instructions:


1.    Be registered in the “registration” tab on this website.


2. We will then send you an email to arrange your schedules and the availability of the date. At the same time, we will send you a assessment test to know your Spanish level, if you have taken previous classes. Then, we will assign you a space and teacher.


3. Later, we will send you the voucher to make your payment for the course and please keep your proof of payment.


4. Lastly, we will confirm you the necessary information to start the classes.